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    New warehouses in Duisburg - Germany

    Duisburg - 1 September 2017 - C. Steinweg GmbH can offer storage in Duisburg.  The location in Duisburg has a covered warehouse of around 2800m2. We can offer warehousing and logistics of Industrial and Consumer goods mostly palletized.

    The warehouse can count on the following equipment:
    - warehouse is expandable upto 12.000m2
    - 2 Clark forklifts for 2 tons
    - pallet-shelf for 2000 pallets
    - 6 ramps for loading/unloading from behind
    - foiling-machine
    - authorized consignee and authorized consignor, temporary storage
    And the area is security controlled/alarm system
    In case you have any enquiries, please feel free to directly contact